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Re: Elite crossfit athlete development theory

Originally Posted by Ryan R Johnson View Post
It seems the vast majority come from elite specialized backgrounds that foster their success.

We use these athletes as the poster children for crossfit, yet, most of them were achievers in a more traditional sport.

the question then becomes... can one develop that elite level of performance in the crossfit games, relying solely on a crossfit program and background?
I think there are two things at work here.

First is that people who are in some way physically gifted are better at sports or a particular sport, thus receiving more enjoyment and rewards from it, and having more people willing to encourage, coach, etc them. They are more likely to find a sport they're good at and keep at it until they get to the point where really good training becomes available.

Second is that lifelong athletes will develop higher-order skillsets, and will develop their physical and mental qualities over the course of years and decades, and these years of work carryover in ways both obvious and non-obvious.

There are physical adaptations that simply take time to accumulate, and no amount of training in the short term will develop them in the way that they are developed in lifelong athletes.

There are physical attributes that will never develop, no matter what you do. Where you drew the short straw genetically, no amount of training will produce superhuman results.

If you're completely new to athletics, chances are you'll never be an elite athlete. But choosing sound programming and developing a strong work ethic will make you the strongest, fastest, etc you that you can be.
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