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Re: Bilateral Rotator Cuff/Impingement

Originally Posted by Jim Southwell View Post
I have been having exactly the same issue that Gregory describes but only with y left shoulder. My intention is the follow Steven's directions. However, I have a couple questions.

1. Unlike Gergory, I haven't had an MRI done. My Dr. suggested PT first to increase my ROM (which was horrible) and to try to alleviate the symptoms. Should I demand an MRI to ensure there isn't a tear that is causing pain?

2. Is there any sort of archive of WODs that won't impact the shoulders. I have been doing tabatas with air squats, sit-ups and then some track intervals but that is getting boring.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.
1. Ehhh, it depends.

If your insurance covers most of it sure why not if you really want that much confirmation. Make sure you get contrast though otherwise you may not be able to see potential labrum tears.

2. Legs, core, flexibility.

If it's bilateral you can always do grip work. If it's only unilateral you can keep strength up wtih the othr arm.

IN general, don't do anything that aggravates it...
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