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Bilateral Rotator Cuff/Impingement

Hello Everybody,
I started doing crossfit in June of 2008. I went to a sports physician in October of 2008 and had an MRI of my left shoulder. I was told that I had a small tear and impingement. I didn't feel pain when I did push-ups, kipping pull-ups, bench pressing or ring dips so I continued to do crossfit. The pain came from doing overhead movements like overhead squats, push press, etc. I did PT with only a little improvement. I went to my sports physician in 2009 with pain in my right shoulder. It seems now I have bilateral shoulder pain and impingement. I stopped doing crossfit in November 2009 just to rest my shoulders. My sports physician told me not to do overhead movements and I find this request somewhat depressing. It's February and I'm getting restless and I definitely feel out of shape!!! I truly love the Olympic movements!!! Any advice from the crossfit forum? I thank you in advance.

With Great Respect for the Forum and the Crossfit Community,

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