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Re: Huge Decline in Quality

Surprised there isn't more chatter on this topic. There were a few responses in the comments but not a lot there either. Strength mill also had a thread on it. Haven't been on t-nation it is blocked at work.

Too much narative and not enough data. 1 in 30 or 1 in 50 gyms are crap wow!

I could see the future being that the new standard is you must have a level II to open a new affiliate. Has the fee increase slowed the rate of affiliation? Was that the intended affect? I can't remember the number but I heard Coach say something about limiting the number of Affiliates. I think it was 3k in the states but I'm not sure.

The one thing I did find disturbing was not from the author but a comment about the SMEs not being consulted on the games events.
If that is true I have one thing to say to HQ. Use your resources, consult the experts!

Ryan, find a better snack, try jicama and guacamole no popcorn. Much better avatar if I haven't told you. When you going to drop off those bars?
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