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Re: Huge Decline in Quality

Originally Posted by Andy Robinson View Post
he's absolutely spot on...main reason I jumped ship a while ago...24-7 metcons are lame, especially when you can't even lift your own ***...the zone IS an eating disorder...take your crap back to the nest....
"the zone IS an eating disorder."

Care to elaborate - in your own words?

I'm interested in what you have to say about it, because I have been able to maintain it for the last 2 years, I lost 30# and over 10% BF and I have seen strength and metcon increases across the board. I am a smallish, old guy @ 5'7" 160# and 39 y.o. I've got a sub 4:00 Fran, 200# C&J, and 960# CFT. I saw most of my performance increases AFTER I started the Zone. I do not feel deprived of food and very rarely am I hungry - unless I've had a meal that had more than average size grain or starch content.

To the article...
If he (or any affiliate) doesn't like the structure of CF, then it is a good thing he has cut his ties with CF. It is hard to walk the walk and talk the talk, if you are only going through the motions and don't "believe" it.
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