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Re: tendonitis

Originally Posted by Steven Low View Post
This is classic pain which is caused by bending your arms too early in the 2nd pull.

Hmmm.. may be patellofemoral syndrome. Hard to tell b/c not enough info.

Your hamstrings weak compared to your quads too, yes?

If you run heel-toe you're gonna have problems with the calves (from pushing off) and/or possibly shin splints as well (from preventing the foot from slapping the ground).

Try some barefoot jogging in a field... will help fix up your form real fast. DO NOT OVERDO POSE ESPECIALLY STARTING. Lots of technique work... no long runs until you have it down.
I think you're right about the second pull and you're spot on with my hamstrings being weak vs my quads. I'm working on it though.

I've been working my POSE method for a few months coachless. Usually, I only run a max of 5k. I find it very hard and it takes a lot of discipline out of me. In the beginning, I experienced mild medial shin pain. Not so much anymore. I do try to land on my mid/forefoot. It usually degrades to an almost flat landing and then eventually heel to toe. I reset when I remember to. Is it possible switching to racing flats has caused me to land more mid/forefoot than before, thus increasing stress on calves?
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