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Re: tendonitis

Originally Posted by Steven Low View Post
1. Rest. Especially if it's JUST mild overuse. If it's chronic then pure rest may not help.
2. Ice after any use & when sore. 15-30 mins per sessions for couple times a day. Direct ice massage ON the skin works the best.
3. Light stretch, not painful for agonists; strengthen antagonists. So stretch flexors, strengthen extensors *until* pain subsides (medial epicondylitis). Then strengthen everything (my pref = rice bucket)
4. Self massage... cross friction and myofascial release the whole area inbetween both joints that surround it (shoulder to wrist for medial epicondlyitis; ankle-hip for something knee; etc.). As much as possible... at least 30 mins a day if not more. Also, tennis ball/golf ball areas & foam roll
5. Anti-inflammatories/NSAIDs. Fish oil is a good one.
6. Stay away from painful exercises. Period. It hurts, don't do them. Should be obvious but people don't listen.
7. Light eccentric exercises tend to help ESPECIALLY if the muscle(s) aggravated cannot smoothly do it.
8. + joint/cartilage health supplements like glucosamine & chondroin sulfate, MSM, shark, etc. Might be a good idea to start eating the cartilage and tendons off your meat too.
I think I hurt myself doing hang cleans this week. It actually got worse with yesterday's WOD when I cleaned the bar to rack position for PP's. Feels like tennis elbow pain. It's mostly lateral epicondylar or maybe capitellar pain with weakend grip especially upon flexion at ~90 degrees with weight (e.g. glass of water). Will follow advice in here.

I'm also feeling right patellar pain TTT and when running. Pain is isolated on the patella's base supero-medio aspect. Pain subsides with rest but is easily re-aggravated.

On top of that, my calves are really sore. Probably from trying to do POSE method. I recently switched from Nike Shox to Puma K-Streets. It's going to take time for me to get used to it. Now, I'm hobbling around my house like Ozzy Osbourne...

I'm going to see my primary care provider next week.
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