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Re: What is considered fit?

Originally Posted by John Alston View Post
Any component of fitness that takes into performance will shortchange wellness. Witness the active injury board here.
General fitness is often a poor fit in certain situations. So again, I have seen no good reasoning against the idea that fitness must be bound to an object to make sense.
Please name a situation in which general fitness is a "poor fit." What does that phrasing even mean?

As far as injuries go, compare a person who turns an ankle landing a box jump on the way to a firebreather Kelly time, to an overweight person who can't climb a flight of stairs without stopping to rest. Any definition of "wellness" that makes the overweight person "healthier" than the injured firebreather is, IMO, useless. My own experience with injuries is that they are extremely frustrating, but they go away. Poor general fitness just keeps on eroding quality of life, day after day. There's a big difference.

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