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Re: What is considered fit?

Originally Posted by Sam Ser View Post
umm... right. i don't know how you got the idea that, when i said, "fitness is a measure of wellness," i meant the two were mutually exclusive.

in any case... clearly, being injured is a degree of unwellness. and since developing an injury is obviously not the GOAL of a fitness/wellness program, i don't think injury is relevant in this discussion.

to try to get this train wreck of a thread hijack back on the track of the original poster's question, the issue that is up for discussion is the standard for performance in CrossFit. and i believe i dealt with that.

sure, CrossFit is not the ONLY way to reach a high level of fitness, either general or specific. and if anyone wants to argue for or against CrossFit being the BEST way to pursue fitness, either general or specific, they're welcome to do so, without involving me, in another thread. if anyone wants to argue that CrossFit is not actually the pursuit of general physical preparedness but a specific measurement of fitness in its own right, they are also welcome to do so in yet a third thread.

this one started out innocently enough, and ought to end that way.

I meant to say inclusive. That's what happens when you type without having had your coffee
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