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Re: Running with X-Vest or Rucksack


I use a weighted vest regularly in training, 44lbs (20kg).

The vest I have fits very well, no movement issues.

I speed walk with it, run with it, I shadow box with it, and I do padwork in it. Obviously not all the time though, I use it 'additionally' to give myself some variety in my training, not all the time. I'm a professional fighter, so I can't afford any injuries!

So, as I train so much with the British Army, I asked my friends there for advice. They came out on the trails and hills with me, and ensured I had 'soft knees, soft ankles, soft hips', correct posture and technique over inclines/declines uneven surfaces and had the correct 'shuffle' when I picked up the pace.

Running with a vest is not the same as just running.

They also helped me to increase the training loads gradually for my body to adjust to the additional weight.

They also told me not to, under any circumstances, run with a pack on. The reason is that packs place excessive strain on the body, in particular throwing the spine out leading to lower back, shoulders and neck issues.

The benefits I have had are noticable increased strength and range of strength in my ankles and knees, my core abdominals, 'useable' leg strength, calorific burn, and an increased load to help me reach cardio goals.

Just my opinion, based on my experience.

Best regards,

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