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Re: Running with X-Vest or Rucksack

Originally Posted by Ed Haywood View Post
I hope I didn't sound condescending. Everyone starts out as a wannabe, nothing wrong with that. I did too. Just don't want you guys to get over-enthusiastic and injure yourselves before you ever start the actual training. In my experience with special ops selection courses, injuries are a major cause of failure. Generally speaking, if you are in reasonably good shape, don't get hurt, and keep going no matter how bad it sucks, you will make it. So don't put yourself behind the power curve with some developing orthopaedic injuries before you even start.

And I don't think there's any way to train for the "keep going no matter how bad it sucks." You either have that demented gene or you don't.
No man, you didnt sound condescending, the honesty is greatly appreciated. Id rather you tell me not to do it then tell me to go ahead with it and find out down the road that i'm in a wheel chair by the age of 18.
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