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Re: Burgers that don't decay

Originally Posted by Matt DeMinico View Post
I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to call BS on this one. Bread, no matter how crappy, does not stick around for that long without decaying. And I doubt their bread is "artificial". Flour is dirt cheap, probably cheaper than any artificial item you can find.

Same with the burger, though that one is maybe more plausible.

Unless these two were frozen, in a deep freezer, I call BS.
My "Health Class" teacher did a burger museaum. It's no joke. The first week of school, she would buy a burger and have a small glass case (not sealed) made for it. She did it at the beginning of every year and left them on display so we knew there was no trickery. The one for my year looked just the same as the one she did her first year of doing it and she had about a half dozen burgers on display in the back of the class.

No BS. I am raising the "Truth Flag" here.
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