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Re: East Coast CF Games

day1: AM CFT, PM hopper
day2: run

It would probably be the least taxing as far as muscles go (since you're going from extreme strength to extreme endurance; if there was like a vertical test it would go power -> strength -> endurance). That's generally how stuff is scheduled if you're doing tons of max. But you can make it as evil as you want. Run, hopper, CFT or last years hopper, run, CFT makes the CFT really painful (and maybe that was their purpose, actually, as the more fit people will recover better from the day before to lift more on CFT).

hopper = basically random exercises and reps were chosen. I don't know if they had exercises where they pulled from a category of "pull" or "push" or whatnot. If anyone has more info on that it would be cool. Maybe 3 total exercises was it? Or was it just push jerks and pullups?

Run was 5k. If you look at the times they're not that 'great' per se but you gotta remember they did it after they did the hopper which was brutal cause half the people didn't finish in the allotted time.

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