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Re: The Sugar Addict's Diet


I would not put any faith in articles such as this. It is definetly trying to use scare tactics and cure all promises to get you to buy their products. If this person was living on sugar it would be no wonder that they had all those problems; it would be a complete lack of nutrition.

Diet soda?? Common!

Sugar cravings are normal. Sweet things taste good for a reason. What the reason is might be an evolutionary thing of which I don't know or care.

What I do care about is that I like sweet things and so I eat them. However, if I consume large amounts of refined sugar or flour (pop, chocolate, 1/2 litre of ice-cream) I will very predictably feel lethargic/nausea the next day. Sometimes I accept this concequence but most of the time I avoid it.

Instead I eat fruit and small amounts of honey or maple syrup (real maple syrup) to fill my needs. This is almost always with other high protien and fat foods.

I found living this way is easier and more enjoyable. Trying to cut out sugar completely leaves me irritable and constantly thinking about sweets (which would usually lead to a binge of some kind.)

Life is short and I intend to enjoy every food that I consume.
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