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Re: Ronnie Coleman leg pressing

Originally Posted by Steven Low View Post
Lifting weight at your height should be much easier than lifting weight at my 5'8" 135 lbs. Generally, the shorter you are, the easier weightlifting should be for you unless you have some weirdly long legs/arms making for bad biomechanics.

If you trained pure strength your numbers will go up faster. Wayyy faster.
Thats what I have found. In order for numbers to go up quickly, you must focus on one thing at a time which is why pr's are difficult to achieve on a metcon/strength program. It's still difficult though especially when other factors such as diet, sleep, life get into the mix.

I cant imagine being a rock climber at my height though, the light weight would be an advantage but the shorter limbs I would think to be a disadvantage.

I still think it takes years of training (or several months of very strict training) to really reach any potential.
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