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Re: Ronnie Coleman leg pressing

Originally Posted by Kevin Perry View Post
Im late to the discussion but oh Well, Ronnie is no doubt a beast and a respected Mr. Olympia. I know it's a fact that not everyone can be trained to a 400lbs DL out of spite. It's taken me a long time ( 2 years of crossfitting and a progression on SS) to reach a 300lbs DL but even then my squat and press go no higher than 180 and 95.

But im only 5'5'' and 135lbs. Lifting that much weight at that height is not easy.
Lifting weight at your height should be much easier than lifting weight at my 5'8" 135 lbs. Generally, the shorter you are, the easier weightlifting should be for you unless you have some weirdly long legs/arms making for bad biomechanics.

If you trained pure strength your numbers will go up faster. Wayyy faster.
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