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Re: 2014 45-49 Fittest on the Planet goal

Friday- was just a grinder metcon.
Usual warm up with extra hammies-

20 rep back squat 210# felt good.

Warm up metcon- burpees, running and thrusters

30 min time cap-
800 meter run
40 thrusters 95#
40 burpees over the bar
600 meter run
30 thrusters
30 burpees over the bar
400 meter run
20 thrusters
20 burpees over the bar

That was an uncomfortable grinding workout.

I was on the ground for a good 5 min. I was spent.

Ice jacket cool down, recovery shake and the erg bike.


Saturday- Day 4 of working out-

Warm up with bike, row, bird feeders, ghr, good warm up with class with rowing, burpees.

20 min partner workout, I did it with Bronda from Club 777.
Partner A hold db
Partner B-
40' walking lunge
5 burpees
10 t2b
5 burpees
40' walking lunge

I did my part in :90 or less. Maybe about 6 rounds for me.

1 squat clean
2 front squats
45-200 then judged my friends metcon for the Masters comp "The legends"

I had 20 min worth of cool down with bike and stretching.

Watched Gracen for about 5 hours. Took him to the mall.


Sunday with Jeff and Coach Dawn- Long warm up with hammies and shoulders, rowing, bike riding, bands-

3 rounds-
15 cal ski erg
1 peg board

Modified Cindy-
5 150# d-ball over the shoulder
10- burpees over the jerk boxes
15- c2b
5 rounds 15 reps. Was a serious grinder. No rest for the wicked.

80' yolk-

1 ring mu/5 dips 5 rounds not for time. Last round did 15 dips.

Cool down the trained my father for 45 min.

Owner of Fran: 2:36 Diane: 2:30 Jackie 5:43 Mary 15+ rounds Helen 6:58
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