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Re: 2014 45-49 Fittest on the Planet goal

Thursday with Coach Kyle. Good warm up with hammies and shoulder rehab. Some stretching, bird feeders, glute ham raises. Normal stuff.

8 min bike and some rowing to get the pulse going.

Warm up metcon and set up workout.
Partner a works and partner b rests then change
20 cal AA bike/ 50# medball/sand bag carry 80' / 25 reps of s2o- 75#
20 cal AA bike/ 80# mb/sb carry 80'/ 20 reps of s2o- 105#
20 cal AA bike/ 100# mb/sb carry 80'/ 15 reps of s2o- 135#
20 cal AA bike/ 130# mb/sb carry 80'/ 10 reps of s2o- 165#
20 cal AA bike/ 150# mb/sb carry 80'/ 5 reps of s2o- 195#

The workout ended up being 22:00 min basically 2:00 plus on and the same off. Bike efforts were :37 up to :60, all the carries minus the last one were straight thru. All of the s2o were unbroken (that was the goal). It was a very hard workout. That bike and 5 rounds wore you out. I was going to do the class after but I needed to stretch out and do some serious back recovery.

Rode the bike erg to cool down and drink my recovery shake.

Today my back is fine so happy about that.
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