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Re: 2014 45-49 Fittest on the Planet goal

Wed long session. Great hammie and shoulder warm up/rehab-
3x500 on the rower- 2:30/2:15/1:55 pace
8 min on the bike erg-
30 reps un broken on the ghd. Starting my push to get up to 50+ easy un broken.
Glute ham raises - 2x10

Wall balls- all 10 reps- 15/20/25/30/35 each min on the min.

Deadlift- all 5 reps focus on lifting with the hamstrings and pushing from the heals- 135/185,215,245,265,275,285,295,305,315 every :90

EMOM- started out with 1 power snatch and 1 hang squat snatch- 75-155# then 1 power snatch - 165,175,185,195# most I have powered in a while. 95% of max.

Warm up un broken. I tried Coach Mikes hand protection grips. Wow if you grip and execute them they really help you hang onto the bar. Did about 20 c2b with them on. Warmed up some unbroken reps on Power snatch 135.

10 min time cap or when I run out of un broken reps-
2 135# power snatches
2 C2B
4 ps
4 c2b
6 ps
6 c2b
8 ps
8 c2b
10 ps
10 c2b
I could not hit a set of 12 so the workout was over. I have been working on some barbell cycling. The games plates bounce so much and the lanes are narrow. So doing singles can cause you to have to re center the bar each time thus wasting some valuable time and energy.

I lasted 6 min on un broken.

Erg bike, more stretching and chilled for a bit.

Happy about 195# power snatch and the 10 un broken fatigued snatches. Going to look into the RX hand grips and put them into the mix. I love the JAWS but they don't help with the grip just with the rip.

42 days or 7 weeks from today.
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