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Re: 2014 45-49 Fittest on the Planet goal

Friday was family night. Went to watch my mom's choir. Was a good mix of classics and the 2nd half was some pop from 56/60/70 and 80's.


Saturday- good warm up showed up 30 min prior to the partner workout-

20 min amrap
Partner A rows 500 meters while partner B is doing this-
60 wall balls
30 burpees

I did this with Justin- we did 3 full rounds plus 9 wb. I think that I did approx 130 wb's and 60 burpees.

We almost got 5k in rowing. That is good considering we have some exchanges. I went out a little hot. Had to recover.

Rest and warm up squat clean-

10 sets 1 squat clean and 2 front squats
95,115,135,155,175,195,210,225,240,250. Was happy with this. I have not gone heavy in a while. 91%

4 min of hell- scheduled for 10 min but went out way too fast.
1 ring MU/ 3 thrusters
4/12 I was just testing it out. Failed

15 min of the bike.

Changed into bathing suit and headed up to Alpine lake for session 1 of swim training for the games. Coach Dawn, Crystal and Caden joined me. Was two swimmers and two paddle boarders. Ended up swimming total 300+ meters. Next time will be 500 total.


Sunday with Jeff. Good warm up hammies and shoulder rehab-

10 min emom
80' carry 130# sand bag
1 rope climb

Completed it.

20 min Cindy-
5 strict C2B
10 ghd
15 cal - with two of the rounds had to be air runner

Did some other warm up/cool down stuff.


Monday AM with Taylor and Corey- long warm up

3 rounds
15 cal aa bike- last round I put a hurting that bike.
8 burpees
1 snatch complex

Work up to a heavy squat snatch with 2 overhead squats-

20 back squat test- 205# x's 20. Going up 5# per attempt.

Warm up the metcon-
400 meter run
20 ring mu
400 meter run
20 bar mu
400 meter run
40 t2b
400 meter run
5 ring mu
5 bar mu
20 t2b
22:30 ish.

pros- bar mu were - 7/7/6, t2b were solid, finished strong with 5 bar mu right into t2b.
cons- ran way too slow. I was futzing around with the hand grips too much.

Cool down and stretch

Monday PM-
Good long warm with hammies and shoulder rehab.
Box jump overs, step overs and box jump overs.
Some 20 cal efforts on the bike, ski erg and rower.

Work up to a heavy dl- 45-410#. Was session 5 in 3 days. Not feeling too strong. More stretching.

Get ready for the metcon-
3 rft
50 dubs
15 dl- 225#
15 t2b
5:27 super fast.

Cool down and drink my recovery shake.

Overall great weekend of exercise and family time.
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