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Re: 2014 45-49 Fittest on the Planet goal

Thursday good session- warm up hammies, shoulder and back-

Did some pick up heavy stuff, glute ham raises, bird feeders the usual. 50' of walking lunges 25,40# for more warm up.

20 rep back squat. Warm up- 45,95,145,200 x 20. Was challenging but a good start. 55% of max. Coach says do this 2x's a week so will do. I enlisted Coach Kyle to help me with this. Going to his garage gym on Monday's for 20x and some bb cycling.

Barbell Cycling- clean and jerk-un broken all sets 5 reps- 45,95,115,135,150,165 and happy about 185#

Dead lift- 95,145,195,245,295,345.

Some bike to keep warm-

3:00 work, 1:00 off 3 rounds for me
Buy in- 60' of 130# sand bag carry

10 wall balls 30# (6/4)
5 c2b

Did a total of 9 rounds. The buy in took :20-25. About :45 each round.

My hands have some wounds so I am taking it easy on them as best as possible.

12 min of bike to cool down.
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