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Re: 2014 45-49 Fittest on the Planet goal

Friday- did 20-30 glute ham raises and some echo bike during the day. Hip circle a bit.

PM- normal warm up and some rowing.

Work to a heavy dl- 45-425# not the best day.

2 8 min amraps- the gym was hot. Was 111 degrees out during the day. So the gym must have been 100 degrees. Ughh!

10 s2o 50# db each arm
40' hs walk
Did 4 rounds plus 11 reps

rest 2 min
10 hang db clean and jerks
10 t2b
4 rounds even. nothing much to give this nite.

More rowing. Owe some meters-

Saturday 7-8:30 AM.

Normal warm up and some rowing.

1 clean dl
1 hang squat clean below the knee pause :02
1 split jerk
10 rounds every 2 min.

Drop to 195 and do 4 squat cleans and jerks.

15 min amrap partner. David B with me.

40 cal on AAB
30 syn. wall balls 30#
20 box jump overs.

It was hot. David is a beginner.. 3 or 4 rounds.

Going forward-
Monday- AM- accessory work
PM- hard metcon with dl practice

Tuesday- AM - accessory work
PM- Medium workout

Wed - PM just row, ski erg and AAB

Thursday - day off from the gym

Friday- AM- accessory work
PM- Hard workout and DL, sand bag and d bag work

Saturday- AM Hard Workout

Sunday- my MU, row and rope climbs and a swim now and again.

So about 9 sessions. Try my best on those 3 hard sessions. If I feel like it take another day off.

This week I did not get a proper day off. 4th of July kind of knocked my schedule a bit.

Still need to find training partners.
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