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Re: globo vs. box

Originally Posted by Mike Doehla View Post
I'm not expert but things have been going decently for me. I use a lot of CFFB stuff to get ideas. I feel like you definitely can do fine for yourself. I'm sure weightlifting is more technical than what I do which is get stronger, hit the muscles hard, and move fast so you may be better off with your coach.
It is also really nice to be able to tune in and just do work, and not have to worry about thinking up what to do the next day/week/cycle.

I tried GSLP for a little while, got bogged down overthinking the little, personalized things, and gave up.

There's a lot to be said about having a coach if you can afford it/can find one you can put your full confidence in. Which, to bring this full circle, is why a lot of people find a lot better results at a good CF or other organized gym than the "globo."
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