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Re: Total Knee Repalcement

Originally Posted by William M Davison View Post
On Nov 20th I have a partial knee implant. My inner and middle compartments were replaced. about 14 days ago I had 300cc's of fluid drained off the joint that remained from surgery. My knee look normal and most of the pain subsided. When I went to start working out on a Aredyne the swelling returned, the pain is not as intense but appears to be slowly returning also. I am a full time police officer and have just returned to light duty, so the return of the pain and swelling is a bit disheartening. I have a Dr apt tomorrow to see what is next. I may have to retire from fully duty until I can run and fully preform my duties. I am afraid to run on the knee becasue if biking makes the joint swell I assume running will be worse. With the swelling come reduced range of motion in flexcion and extension. No easy fix here. I had the Conformis Iduo2 implant put in. Myself and another on this forum are wondering if we should have gone with the traditional full replacement. Wish all the best in your recoveries.
I'm the "other" poster that had same TKA at about the same time. I just re-read a post I made the morning of my surgery -- a description of how f***ed-up my knee was, in case I was ever tempted to regret the procedure. No question my knee is much better now than it was that morning. It's only about 85% of where I think it should end up, and the process has been MUCH slower and more frustrating than I was led to expect. But I continue to see progress so continue to be hopeful. It helps that my livelihood doesn't depend on physical performance -- I really feel for you in that regard. Hang in, bro!
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