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Re: Total Knee Repalcement

TKR April 17th, 2012- Developed arthrofibrosis and had to 'take it easy' for a while. (also had it in my left knee following TKR in 2008 and had a MUA and it took 9 months to clear up)

So, I am 6+ months post knee TKR and 9 weeks post 'ream and run' shoulder replacement.

On my own, I started doing scaled pistols a few weeks ago and that is when I began seeing improvement in my right knee. I've been doing sets of 10-3x with my warm-up each day. I've observed significant strength gains in both knees and less swelling in the right knee.

Hit a new post surgery 1RM PR on deadlift Monday evening at 310# w/ BW-165. Began 6 week DL strength program last night.

I now have both knees and both shoulders replaced and I am anxious to see how far I go improve. My 'psychology' has really changed since the shouder replacement. I now know I am on the mend and on the path to pain free, unencumbered training and improved quality of life!
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