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Re: Buying Local

Originally Posted by Steve Liberati View Post
Why would I buy a stalk of corn for $7 from my local farmer when I can go to Wegman's and buy a stalk for $3 grown in Cali, assuming the taste is the same?
Wow! Hard to believe someone from NJ would ever say this!

One of the greatest things about living here is our produce. I don't even bother to eat fresh corn that is not grown here. Blueberries and strawberries grown in NJ are a completely different experience than berries imported into the state. Part of this is just the freshness aspect but part of it is something special about the soil, climate, etc. for certain crops.

I also do not understand the price comparison you are making. It is typically the other way around. I have been buying NJ blueberries this summer for $2.50 a pint and they are fantastic. Out of season, your choice at Wegman's will be $5 for a half pint of Chilean blueberries that are garbage. Corn and other fresh produce are likewise very cheap, particularly from road-side stands or farmers markets. When you buy "local" from a place like Wegman's, they are probably cranking up the price.

Seriously, stop by a road-side produce stand and buy some Jersey corn or go to a berry farm and buy some blueberries that were just picked off the bushes (or pick them yourself). Find a farmers market and go wild. The taste and price will not be comparable to anything you will ever find at Wegman's.
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