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Re: MRI CLEAR BUT Worsening Shoulder Pain in External Rotation

A friend of mine has had problems with her shoulder for 3 years, had an MRI and the doc said that they would go in and clean things up for her. This was in January.

Well it turned out to be a 3 hr operation as the doc found that she had major tendon tears around the shoulder and only 5% will still there. Had they completly tore off it would have been clear what the problem was.

The MRI did not show anything and the doc was quite shocked because she had an inflamation and infection that blocked all site of the damage/trauma she had.

She now has 2 screws and a special repair to the outer delt and has been out of business for 6 weeks since the op with a very long rehab

So they repaired her infraspinatus, supraspinatus and acromion.

I would go back and ask if there is anything in the MRI that obstucts the view, possibility to get a clear define picture of what is going on.

Plus you also need to understand if things get better when you do not workout or if the pain is always their as a tear needs time to repair but trauma may need something else.
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