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Re: Weird, sharp pain in my abdomen

Trouble is no one can see it.

Hernias can hurt. Does it go away when you lay down only to reappear when you stand or valsalva (bear down like you are trying to poo?). If so, that is more concerning for a hernia.

There isn't any particular rush to repair or fix a hernia. However if it gets stuck and won't go away (reduce) this is called incarceration. It can be rather uncomfortable/disconcerting. If it REALLY starts to hurt, this may mean that the incarceration has turned into a strangulation. That's when the bowel in the hernia sack starts to die because its blood supply is cut off.

The risk of strangulation/incarceration is why we like to repair hernias. However, you can wait to get it repaired "routinely" so long as you are aware that if it really starts to bother you, you'd better seek care. If you are in agony, go to the nearest ER.

All that said, what you are describing sounds like a muscle pull/tear. If it doesn't get better after a week or so of rest, I'd get it checked by someone who can tell you what it is. You said you are a student. Many schools have a low-cost student health center. At least they can tell you if you have a hernia on your hands.

-- Kevin
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