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Weird, sharp pain in my abdomen

Maybe someone can help me out, I have no idea what happened. I'm just about to start college, so I have absolutely no money to see a doctor right now either.

I was really sore from doing the hero workouts, especially in the area right above my hips, my lower abdominal area. I was showing a friend my rings, I did ONE L pullup on them, unwarmed up, and I felt a very sharp pain in that area. It's in one small spot, and it hurt quite a bit. its very sore now, especially when I sneeze, but less so than when it first happened. I can maybe feel something beneath my skin where it happened, but its so small that if there's something there I barely notice it/am imagining it. I don't think its a hernia, because I think I would be in agonizing pain if it was. I couldn't find any reliable information on them anywhere on the net.

Anyone have any idea what happened and if I should be worried?
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