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Kevin Murphy
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I created a little database application in MS Access to track my workouts.

The data table has a field for date, a check box to indicate whether or not the WO is a Crossfit WOD, a field for the Crossfit WOD's name (if appl.), a memo box for the workout description, a field for the workout time (time taken not time of day), a memo box for my comments/weights/modifications/excuses and a field to enter the "compare to" date (if appl.)

I created a data entry form so workouts could be entered and viewed one at a time.

I also created a report that can be used to compare the named workouts. When I run the report it prompts me to select a Crossfit WOD name and then displays every instance of that WO that I've done allowing me to compare times/comments for improvement or backsliding. I haven't been doing crossfit very long so this feature isn't as useful now as it will become later.

It was pretty simple to do and didn't take very long.

As soon as I finish the WOD I go to to enter my comments and then copy what I've entered there into the comments section of my database. I also copy and paste the WOD description directly from the website to my database. Then I fill out the rest of the fields manually and I'm done.
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