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Re: The Wolverines Log

Ha ha ya, for some reason that was a rough WOD for me. Didn't place to well in my sectional for it. Hopefully some heavy deadlifts, muscle ups, or power cleans come up, I'll kill that one. But ya Max Bell is really nice. The only downside is the building manager has a conniption if we take our shirts off. There's pretty strict health and safety rules. One of the other nice things about though is that I have athletes all around me. So sometimes I ask the rhythmic gymnasts about stretching or the sprinters about running. It is really great doing crossfit there. I'm actually totally spoiled, most CF gyms would be jealous of the setup we have and I pay a yearly fee of 150 bucks. I'm super blessed to be where I am now especially since me and my buddy Cam are heading up a mini-revolution where things are actually getting done and changing around here, so we're kinda notorious for being crazy. Some of the Bison FB guys have now started doing CF as well which is awesome.
We're currently looking to buy some rope. We have one already but it's pretty beat up and hangs 4 feet off the ground (silly kids trash it during track meets) so you gotta jump for it. The ceilings are easily over 25 feet so it's more than I'll ever need for CF. We also have high hanging rings which makes for fun times.
Wow you went to U of M? Small world. Right now I'm finishing up my science degree. 1 year left! Then I'll be applying to get my Masters in Physiotherapy so that'll be another two years.
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