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Re: The Wolverines Log

Deep Tissue yesterday rocked me. That was so good and something I'm gonna make more of a priority. It did however leave me a little rocked today as I still felt a little mashed up. So I took it a little easier on the WOD which was:

Friday, 03.25.11
225lb DL
135lb OHS

10:30 (PR)

Pretty good. Not much of a PR from in October but considering this week I'm okay with that. Interesting to note though that the OHS weren't actually that hard. The only reason I had to break the 21 and the 15 down was because of my wrists. I need to spend more time doing them so my wrists can handle it better. Lower back fatigued a little but otherwise it was alright.

Spent some time on the bench afterwards. Haven't done that for a while.
10-10-7-8: 165-185-185-175

Wanted to get 10 for the last two sets but couldn't lock it. On a plus side I weighed myself today for the first time in a while. I'm now at 185 so I've gained 4lbs. I've been drinking lots of milk and stuffing myself till I almost puke so it's about time I gained some weight. Hopefully that number keeps goin up.
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