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The Wolverines Log

Don't be deceived by the title, I've got a ways to go in my fitness journey. I get called Wolverine however, hence the title. It's probably because I like chopping down trees and I'm Canadian; for firewood of course. Or just cause I'm hairy. Hopefully soon I'll do the name justice. Jordans Log just seemed too... bland. Ran out of paper in my journal a while ago an just stopped tracking work except on mainsite I post under Jordan D. I'm a little annoyed with that as it's becoming hard to track progress, especially cause I don't follow the schedule perfectly. I come on here daily so I figured I'd just make a log here an call it done because it's a central, searchable place to post and it'll all be in the right timeline.
Some starting lifts, most are a couple months old:
CFT: 875 (from 10.16.10)
Squat: 335
Press: 145x3
DL: 395x3
C&J: 245 (cleaned 250, couldn't jerk)
Power Snatch: 190 (recently power snatched more than my previous full snatch, that was a good day. Gonna go for a max in that soon an hopefully break 200)
All things pressing are weak sauce. Definitely a big weakness that needs work.

Last couple days:
Monday, 03.21.11
For time:
135 pound Front squat, 10 reps
15 ft Rope Climb, 1 ascent
135 pound Front squat, 9 reps
15 ft Rope Climb, 1 ascent
135 pound Front squat, 8 reps
15 ft Rope Climb, 1 ascent
135 pound Front squat, 1 rep
15 ft Rope Climb, 1 ascent

Time: 11:50

Deload week, no strength work this week. FS were easy. Need to work on rope climbs more. Played on the rings after trying out some backwards roll to support. Still can't quite get it.

Tuesday, 03.22.11
For time:
70 Burpees
60 Sit-ups
50 Kettlebell swings, 1.5 poods
40 Pull-ups
30 Handstand push-ups

Time: 22:26

~3 min improvement from last time it was posted almost a year ago. Sad. HSPU got me. Used to be easy, but since I started gaining weight they've become a goat. Gotta rework them.

Wednesday 03.23.11
Sectionals WOD 11.1
10 min AMRAP:
30 DU
15 Power Snatch, 75#

6 full rounds.

Had some serious forearm lock after this one. Was hoping for better but not too bad. Keeps me in the top 1/3 in my region. Lets hope the weights get a little heavier in future workouts. Used Tyson's rope which was faster. Not sure if that was a good idea. Had one funky round of doubles which probably cost me over a minute. Watched Tyson hit it after me as I recovered use of my hands. Some more guys came in and had a good lookin workout lined up so did that with them:

4 rounds for time:
7 Power Cleans, 155#
14 KBS, 1.5 pood
28 Box Jump, 24"

Time: 9:15

Student massage-a-thon is going on at my university. First massage ever lined up tomorrow. Hopefully I get a 3rd or 4th year student. Should be good.
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