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Re: Critique my diet please

Eric, to the Crossfit Community! I am also from MN

Question - what is your lean body mass?

If you can tolerate milk, try simply switching to regular milk, instead of low-fat, you'll get more nutrients from it. Switch up your nuts too! There is life outside peanuts and almonds (and it is good).

My two main suggestions would be:

1) Cut out the bread for breakfast and have eggs and bacon instead.
2) Replace the brown rice with broccoli or some other filling vegetable. I know it's tough to get good veggies in the winter time, so utilize the freezer aisle at the grocery store!

If you have the typical male fast metabolism, you'll likely drop body fat very quickly. SEARCH and READ all the discussions on this board regarding Zone, Paleo, etc. Buy the books suggested. These boards will open your eyes to a whole new way of "dieting" that is amazing beyond words.
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