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Re: Explain why the WOD is enough

I'm not as experienced as some other posters who are much more knowledgeable, but I think I have a good way of reasoning this. What your g/f wants from 'fitness' might be a good starting point. I asked earlier and got answers from people on these boards who testify that they had gotten significantly stronger from just doing the WOD. The testimonials are full of individuals who report their weight loss/gain successes. I'm sure most will testify that they only did the WOD as far as training was concerned (diet was probably a major factor in most cases, of course). With cardiorespiratory endurance you can see the times people post for their pure running WODs. I think the majority fall around a 22:00 5k.

Naturally, you have a problem if she wants to be exceptionally good at one thing. If she wants to be a marathoner, the WOD (no one needs to be told) won't be enough. As someone who came from more of an endurance background, I've found it a bit disconcerting when they post 3 max effort days in a row. That turns into 5 straight days without breaking a sweat, which would put me on edge. Still, if the 22:00 5k is good enough for her...well, there you have it. If not, then crossfit endurance or (for the opposite purposes) MEBB.

Edit: I took too long writing. Kurt Armbruster has hit the nail on the head IMO.

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