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Re: 1 rm increases

Don't let your body weight be an "excuse" (not saying you are but hear me out).

At 160lbs I was squatting 400 and in college at 175 I was over 500.

But I squatted. I struggled in the bench because I focused lower body but I lifted heavy 2-3x a week. My freshmen year I thought I was tough stuff when I was doing 1k + in the leg press till my track coach taught me how to do a real squat. From there I was hooked after seeing a 40 year old man then squatting 500lb+

Crossfit is great for a lot of things but simply doing crossfit (not all programming but many) will not give you a great base of strength. A good 6-12 months of solid strength training with a few metcons tossed in and a good diet would result in some major gains.
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