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Re: Handstand Sled Pull with 95lbs. (Just for Fun!)

Originally Posted by Jeremy S Barnett View Post
WOW CF Community. Where is all the backlash for this video? Isn't this non functional, Non-"FUN" and extremely dangerous? I mean at any moment his arms could fail him and he could fall on his head and break his neck. Or what if he lost his balance, fell down and the sled were to run him over resulting in serious injury or even DEATH? Or what if someone out there decided to try this and gets hurt doing it, then I get sued, lose all my worldly possessions, my family disowns me and then I have no choice but to live on the streets alone for all of eternity?

Where's the "FUN" in that?
This is completely out of line. This comes across as, you're trying to back people into a corner that criticized the other video, make them lay out some set of specific rules, why one activity was considered dangerous, pointless, whatever....why this video is different, what "rules" are different. It's confrontational. The point of the post seems to be, to start a confrontation. That's quite different from saying something controversial, articulating an opinion that starts a confrontation. As someone said, you're goading someone into a fight. Maybe it was meant to be sorta playful, but given the intensity of the opinions in the other thread, it's poorly timed, at the least.