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Re: Camp Leatherneck Fitness Throwdown

Well, since you asked...
WOD #1= 5k SWIM
WOD #2=Max Bosu Ball squats while juggling MREs
WOD #3...

Seriously, we'll put them on our blog tomorrow right before the competition. We've got ~100 CrossFitters who're on our email distro locally here, everyone's shifts and locations vary so the WODs are loosely organized. Despite the BS we hear at time from certain 'leaders' we all have full time jobs, and I get chow to go and eat at my desk so I can zip out for PT and coaching mid day. So coaching is a luxury we provide as best we can so that we can maintain standards and teach the basics, even while deployed.

Tomorrow's events have 79 males and 13 males, and we're leaving it wide open to anyone that shows up, with a cap of 100 males for sanity. The top 50 males/30 females move to WOD #2 and the top 50% of that move the day 2. Day two WODs will be harder and require more technique, since the field has been mowed a bit form those just here for the t-shirt. We have not decided how many from WOD #3 will move to the final WOD, but I think it'll probably the Top 10 from WODs 1-3.

Regional Command (Southwest)/ I MEF (Fwd) PAO will be covering the event, I'll push out the video/pics I can get from them asap. They're floowing the training of three differing athletes, som who're vying for the Home depot Center this summer, some who never heard of CrossFit. Should be quite interesting to us at the very least. The reporter is training with us, so if its a hatchet job I'm gonna crush his soul.
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