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Mark Kosmowski
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Re: Mark's improvements

Regarding the affiliate, the closest one is still undergoing some sort of construction and I may have a logistical issue with the other one I was looking at as it is 30 miles in the opposite direction of the half-time job I accepted to make the unemployment benefits last longer. Said job may be at the same time as their Foundation class.

On the other hand, the job is an adjunct instructor position at a community college where I'll have gym privileges. I am wondering if sitting in on a weightlifting class will be equivalent to joining an affiliate for learning the basic lifts. I plan to visit the athletic department this afternoon to inquire about these things.

I did some assisted pull-ups this morning, not timed.

137.5 lbs assist: 5 reps then 6 reps
100 lbs assist: 2 reps
still unable to do an unassisted dead hang pull-up

I noted that the pull-up handles are too low for me - I can stand flat with feet on the ground while gripping them. I initially wondered if I have a mental block about pull-ups but then thought that I wouldn't be thinking about mental blocks if I added 100 lbs to a bench press I can only do two reps of and then couldn't do it. I'll just keep going back and eventually get to an unassisted pull-up.
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