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Re: Sisson's Primal Blueprint Fitness is out

I got the ebook and I like it a lot. I'm trying hard to commit to it as a permanent health fitness program blueprint.

The attached pyramid really is the blueprint. Most everything else in the ebook is justification and minor detail.

Most xfitters will balk at the base of the pyramid. 3-5 hours of aerobic 'activity' per week. Mark encourages fun and spontaeous stuff the hiking and mtn biking but I think unfit people would be best served doing an organized aerobic training program to fill the requirement. Commandment One is do not do it hard - 60% MHR is fine, 80% is very bad, "chronic cardio" in his terminology.

I don't like the bodyweight strength program he includes at all. Too many high rep(50!!) easy variants like wall pushups instead of moving up the strength variants more quickly. He definetely says there is such a thing as strong enough and sets the bar low by xfit standards. 12chins and 12 PU for example.

The 'Sprint day' can be literally sprinting or HIIT or metcon or the WOW.
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