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Sisson's Primal Blueprint Fitness is out

Just a head's up that Mark Sisson released his Primal Blueprint Fitness manifesto on the Daily Apple site. It's a 97-page free download (after registering your email, of course).

When Sisson introduced his Workout of the Week concept at the end of July, a thread went up here on the boards (WFS obviously -

I haven't read it closely yet, but a quick scan doesn't reveal much that would be new to CFers and those knowledgeable of paleo/primal eating. It is a good document to have handy for educating friends and relatives about paleo eating, as well as exercise randomization and the advantages of running fast and lifting heavy things (without all the "increased work capacity over broad time and modal domains" gobblygook).

If CF is "Forging Elite Fitness," then I'd say that the PBF is simply "Forging Fitness."

Here's a link (WFS - to the original WOW post on the Daily Apple. The sign up is on the right-side of the page.
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