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Re: Why is CrossFit so effective?

Originally Posted by Thomas Bailly View Post
I've seen alot of people critical of Marc Twight, but he should be respected for giving Crossfit an honest guy when he was already at the top of his game ( alpinism) and accept that it helped him in some areas and not in others. He continues to develop old and new training paradigms that suit his needs and those of the athletes he trains. I've read a lot of Marc Twight and never seen that quote.

Hard work makes the body and mind respond, doesn't matter what you call it.
I agree. I don't think Mark Twight deserves all the trash-talk he's had come his way. Looking at Gym Jones workouts they resemble crossfit to a large degree, but the quantity is much larger. Probably because they are intended for elite athletes.

Also, one aspect that he brings up is periodization. I think that was his main critique towards crossfit. That and the fact that he lost some of his low-intensity edurance by only doing crossfit.
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