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Re: CFSB - Ask your questions here!

I'm 41, and have been doing CFSB since it came out, with a one week break somewhere in there.

Yes, it's grueling. The way that I try and avoid the overtraining is through the metcons. Make them lighter, harder, shorter, longer depending on how you feel. I also often skip the weekend/shoulder day long metcon in favor of some sport. This helps a lot. I don't do "heavy metcons." I do regular ones, just shorter usually. I stink at bw exercises, and am already strong, so this is fine with me.

Also, I do ascending sets and try to PR as soon as possible! Typically this has me doing just two "work" sets. For example, yesterday's DL's:
1x5at315 (work set)
1x5at400 PR
Then I'm done.

Also, and I can't stress this enough, I doubled my fish oil to about 5-6gms per day of combined dha/epa; and my shoulders feel like I am 25yo again. They kept me up at night sometimes before b/c they hurt so bad. DO THIS.
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