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Re: What Does Your Ink Mean?

Originally Posted by Renee Lee View Post's not going to be fun. i struggled through my back piece (though surprisingly not on my spine, where i've heard it's worst...shoulder blades were agony for me). I've heard many artists try to talk people out of rib placements, especially if you haven't had many tatts.

the design means too much...pain heals...

...chicks dig scars, glory lasts forever
Well, you're far braver than me!! Pain is fleeting as they say and the ink is forever...I can see the tat has deep personal meaning to you so go for it...

It always amuses me how people try to tell you the "sorest bit" to get inked and it never is....although I think the ribs is an exception to this rule....

I was told the inside of the bicep was sore as there are loads of nerves etc..hardly felt a thing. And getting my shin done was actually quite pleasant(in a perverse way)...the vibrations from the machine numbed my leg. You always get told the closer to bone the more pain you'll be in.

I have to admit though that getting close to the back of the knee was hell and my Oni goes onto my elbow slightly...that wasn't fun either.

What I can't figure out though is no matter how sore they are you always want another one...they're so adictive!
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