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Re: What Does Your Ink Mean?

Have a half sleeve on left arm...Japanese dragon head on arm starting at elbow running up to shoulder, with an oni on the tricep and kanji symbols in red ink on inside of bicep.

Also got my lower right leg done, from knee to top of foot...fu dog on inside of leg, geishas head on rear of calf and a samurai on outer side of leg(as showing in avatar)....lots of smoke and cherry blossoms blended in. Also have the kanji for "love" and "happiness" on outer and inner ankle and "family" on front, running onto top of foot.

Leg is very personal and has double meanings etc only kown to me.

All in black and grey except kanji on arm and lips of geisha.

Had plans to continue the body of the dragon onto my back with a tiger on lower half of back however wife not having it!!!!

It pays to get friendly with your tattooist....I pay mates rates for first couple of sittings then the rest is free.....saved me a fortune!

Renee - rather you than me getting ribs done...I watched my mate (whos covered, even his hands are inked) get flowers on his ribs....he was toiling and close to tears a few times.....
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