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Re: Drugs, Alcohol, And You.

I agree with Emily and Brandon. There is no difference between all substances you put in your body and "drugs", except for the label.

You have to determine the ecology of each substance you put in your body. It might help you in someways, but it might hurt you in others. Only you can determine if you're willing to accept the side effects for a certain benefit to you. I personally would never choose to use steroids. In my view they are for people with lack of willpower. That's just my view.

I have been a severe alcoholic and addicted to cigarettes(5 packs a day) and quit both about 2 years ago. I still think compared to both alcohol and cigarettes, sugar/grains/junkfood are more addictive and destructive to the body. Overall it causes more death and suffering(health problems) worldwide than any other "drug."