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Re: BJJ & CrossFit

Somewhat short answers, from a competitive amateur MMAer who also does Crossfit:

- A "rest day" that has full-out sparring is not a rest day. That's not rest, sparring is hard work and intense work and long.

- it's hard to do crossfit (or any other equally intense workout) and train MMA/BJJ. Metcons can be very draining, and some of them are more intense and draining than others (the Heroes workouts especially). Doing them and then following it with BJJ is possible, but you will be more tired for sparring than you were before...and and you get more fit you'll just ramp up the crossfit intensity so you won't get less tired. Work hard but be conservative, especially if you know you overdo it from enthusiasm sometimes.

- You can do it - I do - but be prepared to scale the crossfit workouts and miss a few days here and there. Doing every WOD on the day it is posted, and doing BJJ - which I bet isn't on 3-on-1-off like the WODs - is going to be hard on your body. You'll end up missing rest days entirely and you'll probably run yourself into the ground.

My suggestion is:

- choose your priority now. Is it getting better at crossfit or at BJJ? Don't choose "both." Which is more important? If you had to miss a WOD or a BJJ class, which would you rather miss?

- make a schedule. Sit down with a planner for the week or month and mark down all your BJJ classes and pick 1-2 rest days a week. You do 5 classes of BJJ a week, right? 1 per day, 5 days a week? Mark some or all of those days you do BJJ with WOD. On those days, do the WOD as posted or a recently missed one (one that came up on your off days). Before or after BJJ, do the WOD or a substitute.

- learn to scale. Some workouts are grueling and meant to be; doing them plus a BJJ class might be too much. Do a scaled version and then do BJJ.

FWIW, I compete in Shooto in Japan, and we have an official BJJ team in our gym. I train about 5 days a week in MMA if you count the day I teach a class, plus I do Kendo 1-2 days a week, and my "off" days usually involve riding a dozen-plus miles on my bike to get to classes or appointments (no car). So I scale when I have to, and I swap out workouts it isn't reasonable to accomplish within my schedule with ones I missed that are. I'm certainly not getting the full benefit of crossfit, but I am getting the most out of my training time, and that's where I chose to prioritize.

Hope that helps. Good luck with your training.

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