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Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)

Tuesday morning and the wife is back , boy has she missed working out. Both tired as she got in late from her flight last night.

Plan - Back, grip and biceps

Warm up
1,5km row this took 6.35 for me nice and easy and 7.30 for the wife.

pipe work and some mobility
20min i would say in total

A couple of sets warm up first

6 x 8 reps - Back extensions (Hyperextensions)

@ same time

3 x 10 reps - DB bicep curls 6-10kg
3 x 10 reps - DB hammer curls 6-10kg

Basically the bicep curls where used to warm up the arms and prepare them for the next part of the workout. This was also something i thought about to try and help the wife.

Couplet of unbroken 1,1, 2,2, 3,3, 4,4, 5,5, 6,6, 7,7...... until failure or when we decided we have had enough.

Pull ups - (wife assisted, myself kipping)
Hang power cleans - 20/40kg barbell (44/88lbs)

Wife completed - all round up to 11 reps = Total 132 reps
Myself completed - all round up to 11 reps = Total 132 reps

We decided that 11 was the magic number today and i think i would have struggled to complete the round of 12 pull ups. We alternated after each completed round so that we had some rest. Towards the end it became more and more grippy but we were both pleased with how things went. Warming up the biceps really helped the wife because she did not complain about her forearm giving her problems due to the strain of the pull ups. This was very positive and something i think we will use in the future to help her.

Cool down
clean up and stretch/mobility for 20min

No a lot of volume today but this was taking into account the fact that the wife has had 4 days off.
Better than today, stronger than tomorrow.
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