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Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)

Monday morning and feeling really good. No wife again today as she has a company meeting on the other side of Sweden, so she had to take an early flight this morning... was she pleased about that.... NO!!!!! as usual i took the chance to rub it in yesterday and remind her how much fun i was going to have today.

Plan - legs 100% full control

Warm up
1.5km on the rower

No bouncing at the bottom before the pull, 22 stroke rate. Smooth all the way.
It took 6.50 (88 calories) without any stress what so ever, felt really good.

Had to hit the other part of the gym for the first part. Couple of warm up sets on both movements before starting.

5 x 10 reps - Leg Extentions
5 x 10 reps - Leg Curls

Start at the lowest weight on the machine first and then increase weight by feel. Took both movements to 36kgs. Each rep was 2 seconds up/2 seconds down.

6 x 10 reps - Squat to bench

Taking this nice and easy nice and slow, started with the barbell only and took it to 30 and then 40kgs. This was all about the control, just above parallel.

5 x 10 reps - Wall balls

These were slow all the way through. I started the set with a little movement at the hips and on each reps i would go deeper and deeper, the last 2-3 reps were just below paralell. They all looked as if they were in slow mo, no bouncing at the bottom and driving with my heels.

No pain at all at any time today.

10 min Skierg
2154m/123 calories

5 min AAB - 30 on/30 off
1863m/38 calories

On the AAB i had 85% arms and 15% legs

Cool down
15 leg stretch/mobility

Nice start to the week.
Better than today, stronger than tomorrow.
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