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Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)

Thursday morning and we are both feeling great... the wife was so so so tired this morning and walked round in a daze for 25min.

Plan - upper body again. Still not a lot of legs due to knee.

Warm up
A good shoulder warm up with bands, bar and pipes good 20min i would say

5 rounds
5 strict hang power cleans 25/40kgs (55/88lbs)
2 Strict HSPU (wife) Wall walks

No rush on this. the strict H-power cleans are done under control with no bouncing at the bottom, smooth movement and at the top ensure the bar is in the correct front rack position and ensure the elbows are high.

5 min EMOM
Wife: 25kgs
5 strict front shoulder press 25kgs

Myself: 40kgs
4 strict shoulder press behind neck
4 strict front shoulder press

These were great today and were a little harder as the shoulders were already half tired. Wife went unbroken and i broke the final round into 4+4s

10 rounds each
5 T2 Rings

Today was the first time the wife completed all of them in unbroken sets and no high knees at all. She has learned to relax more at the bottom of her kip and they looked really good, less stress on her shoulders.

10 lengths of Gym 20m
1 arm OH - KB Farmers walk
Wife 16kgs (35lbs)
Myself 24kgs (53lbs)

Make sure the OH position is solid, arm strait and close to side of head. They felt good today.

Cool down
A good stretch for 15min

Have an appointment at the physiotherapist regarding my knee post surgery. That should be fun.
Better than today, stronger than tomorrow.
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